our process & leather

All of our products are made with the greatest possible respect for our natural environment. While traditional leather tanning uses Chrome or other metal salts, at Aguapé, we exclusively use vegetable processes - sometimes known as Eco-tanning. Instead of metals, we use synthetic and natural tannins, produced from the barks of acacia, mimosa and other trees. It is a much cleaner and healthier process, which produces leathers that are equally elastic and strong.

As part of our natural processes, even the scales from these fish are transformed, taking full advantage of nature’s bounty. Hand removed from each skin before the tanning process, the scales are then tinted with the same dyes we use for our leather. Once dried, these tough, translucent, unusual disks are perfectly suited for ornamental use – either for the home, or in clothing and jewelry applications.

We also look forward to eventually offering a vibrant range of eco-colours, derived largely, from natural pigments.